Asphalt Milling 500X333

In the next few weeks, the following roads are tentatively scheduled to be milled and paved:

Latimer Rd, Jeffrey Dr., Judith Dr., Elsie Dr., Hilltop Rd., Rosebud Rd., Orcap Way, Waverly Rd. and Williams DrAlternate roads, Tomlinson Rd. and Fitch Rd.

Some information you should know about the milling and paving process:

The contractor will post signs on the roads that are going to be done prior to starting. Do not park cars on the road, please honor the no parking signs until the road is completed and signs are removed.

The first step is to mill the road. This process removes the top 1 ½” of existing blacktop from the road. The road will be open with limited access. Please be patient and they will do their best to get you through.

The next step is the paving of the road. Sections of the road may be closed during this process. The contractor will try, if possible, to get you to your house. If they are working in front of your house you may have to park on a different street and walk to your house. Once the paver passes your house and that section is rolled, you will be able to drive to your house. Please be patient during this process.

 If you are on the newly paved street (in the first 24 hours), please DO NOT sit in one spot and turn your wheels. This will damage the new pave. Continue moving slowly and gradually turn your wheels in the direction you want to go.

 The final step is to apply a rubberized sealant along the curb, driveways and manholes.

 Thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter.




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