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Onlot Sewage Disposal

Improperly functioning on-lot sewage disposal systems, also called septic systems, can introduce high levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic matter into the environment. This is a significant problem because they serve as ideal nourishment for bacterial and viral pathogens. To limit this occurrence there are a number of management measures and structural measures that a homeowner can pursue.

Local governments, even though they have only a relatively limited ability to reduce pollutants, also can take useful steps. One method, the purpose of this web page, is to disseminate information; and, a second method is to require on-lot sewage disposal inspections. In 2020 Upper Southampton Township adopted Ordinance No. 463. The ordinance requires pumping and service every 3 years by an approved pumper/hauler,  licensed by the Bucks County Department of Health. A complete copy of the ordinance is available here. Should you have any questions, or need to obtain a pumpers report form, e-mail Ken Kline at, or call 215.322.9700, ext. 123.