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Onlot Sewage Disposal

Improperly functioning on-lot sewage disposal systems, also called septic systems, can introduce high levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic matter into the environment. This is a significant problem because they serve as ideal nourishment for bacterial and viral pathogens. To limit this occurrence there are a number of management measures and structural measures that a homeowner can pursue.

Local governments, even though they have only a relatively limited ability to reduce pollutants, also can take useful steps. One method, the purpose of this web page, is to disseminate information; and, a second method is to require on-lot sewage disposal inspections. In 1995 Upper Southampton Township adopted Ordinance No. 319. The ordinance requires that all on-lot sewage disposal systems be "inspected by a certified septic system inspector every two years. Furthermore, the inspection must be conducted in accordance with the Septic System Inspection Checklist (SSIC) as prepared by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association." After reviewing this site, should you have any unanswered questions, or need to obtain an SSIC, e-mail kkline@ustwp.org, or call the Director of Licenses and Inspections at 215.322.9700, ext. 123.

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